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"DREAM" destemmer with swing basket and roller sorter

DREAM is a newly developed destemmer concept that has been specially developed for the extremely gentle processing of grapes.

The separation of the berries from the stems is done by the wave-like movement of a plastic basket with corresponding perforation. In this way, a gentle destemming of even difficult harvests is achieved without damaging the raisins.

The amplitude of the vibrations increases steadily in the course of the destemming section, so that sensitive parts are sorted out right at the beginning and the stricter shaking movements are only applied to the more firmly seated berries.

The frequency of the basket's vibrations is adjustable by means of a frequency converter, which allows the machine to be adapted to the different varieties and conditions of the grapes without damaging stems or berries.

At the discharge of the destemmer unit there is a roller sorter in which small parts, seeds, bugs, plant parts and raisins are separated from the healthy berries.

Front view

The optimum roller spacing of the two consecutive roller tracks is adjusted easily and precisely with one single touch, even while the machine is working. 

The DREAM system is clearly laid out with its linear construction, with only two hinged ends: the feed hopper and the ejector. Both facilitate inspection and cleaning of the interior.

DREAM is mounted on a robust, height-adjustable stainless steel frame, making it easy to adapt to the existing plant. Four swivel castors with brakes make it easy to change locations and to put the machine away when not in use.

The stainless steel control panel allows to set the frequency of the vibrations and the speed of the sorting rollers independently.

Connected load : 3.0 kW – Throughput : 1 to 15 tons/h

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