Customer service and spare parts service for grape presses and pressing plants

In case you are worried about the availability of spare parts and professional technical support concerning the maintenance of your grape presses, we would like to present ourselves as specialists with long years of experience in maintenance and spare parts delivery for these kind of machines.

M.A.S. Keltereiprodukte GmbH (“wine processing products ltd.”) has been founded in 1995 and has been ever since a solvent and striving company that has committed itself uncompromisingly to providing grape processing businesses worldwide with the necessary know-how and quick, reliable delivery of spare parts.

Our first aim is to avoid a loss of production by quick and efficient intervention.


We offer:

  • A direct contact to a member of our specialized and experienced team, available for all technical matters (electricity, pneumatic systems, mechanics, membrane-confection);
  • Availability of all spare parts out of our large stock, for any machines no matter how big or old they are;
  • Availability of our staff 24/7 in case of an emergency.


M.A.S. offers you competent services - today and in the future - so you can face each harvest with confidence. In case you have any questions, please call us or send an e-mail to