Mythos production – a universal talent of grape pressing

Tried and tested - and yet revolutionary. M.A.S. gets back to proven technology with its vertical juice channels made of stainless steel and with its large lid opening (almost along the whole length of the drum) that offer an unsurpassed diversity of processing methods as well as many other advantages:

  • Optimized use of space even for filling by gravity with whole clusters or with drained red wine mash
  • Filling and pressing with only a few drum-turns, up to static pressing
  • Extremely clear and effective free run of the mash after a resting period or maceration, without turning the drum
  • Quick and verifiable sanitation without entering the drum

The extremely flexible and yet easy to handle touch-screen control helps you to perfectly adapt every grape variety and every processing method to your ideas.

Revolutionary and yet solid, like in the good old times

Generous material-strength, high-quality components of renowned brands and careful processing: we have not spared any expenses in order to assure that performance, reliability and stability in value of the M.A.S. Mythos be maintained.

M.A.S. Mythos is available in sizes 26, 34, 43, 52 and 63 hl